Diane's Most Popular Topics:

  • Cross-cultural communications - Building confidence and achieving results tailor made for your global market

  • Women leaders in cross-cultural context - Managing and cultivating female leadership in markets traditionally lacking female leadership roles

  • Leading teams in multicultural environments - Developing practical techniques to approaching team motivation, development and effectiveness in diverse environments

  • Presentation Skills - Addressing various cultural backgrounds in making your message resonate and inspire

  • Cross-cultural partnerships in nonprofit and philanthropy - Exploring secrets for fostering trust-based partnerships and establishing stewardship for life-long support in a cross cultural environment   

  • Managing Cross-Cultural Science and Engineering Teams - Optimizing efficacy and assisting scientists and engineers, across all experience levels, towards realizing their full potential in collaborative settings

From Diane’s workshop participants:

Diane is a powerful presenter and excellent colleague to learn from. She has the ability to bring new life into recycled topics and this makes every training session she touches so much more impactful and lasting.
Diane is AMAZING! One of the best sessions I’ve been to.
Fantastic class, and I hope it is offered again in the future so more people have the opportunity to attend. I really appreciated how the information was presented and how group discussion was encouraged.
The presentation was phenomenal! I enjoyed how Diane engaged the audience by incorporating them into her presentation.
Diane Gu is a dynamic and engaging presenter. She moves around, varies presentation, engages the audience, and tells stories without relying on a slide deck. All of these make a big difference, particularly accounting for different learning styles.