Selected Publications:

Jarita Holbrook, Diane Yu Gu, Sharon Traweek, 2018. "Reaching for the Stars Without an Invitation - Women and minorities must rely on their own initiative," in American Scientist 106 (5): 296. 

Diane Yu Gu, April 29, 2016.  Chinese Dream? American Dream? The Lives of Chinese Women Scientists and Engineers in the United States. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Diane Yu Gu.  2014.  “Historical and Global Context of Computer Education,” in Engineering and Computer Education in China, ed. Dongmei Hou. Nominated by the Chinese Ministry of Education as China’s 12th Five Year Initiative Publication.  China Railway Publishing House, 2-25.

Dongmei Hou, Diane Yu Gu, Xinsheng Gu, 2014, “Big Data and the Future of Engineering Education.” Computer Education, Tsinghua University Press 205(1): 33-38.

Robert A. Rhoads and Diane Yu Gu. 2012. "A gendered point of view on the challenges of women academics in The People’s Republic of China." Higher Education 63 (6): 733-750

            (Nominated for the publication of the year, Council for International Exchange Scholars)

Diane Yu Gu. 2012. “On the fence: the influence of protégé-mentor relationships on women doctoral students' academic career aspirations in engineering” (published proceedings for ASEE annual conference).

Luis Felipe R. Murillo, Diane Yu Gu, Reynal Guillen, Jarita Holbrook, and Sharon Traweek. “Partial perspectives in astronomy: Gender, ethnicity, nationality, and meshworks in building digital images of the universe and social worlds.” Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 37 (1): 36-50.

In Progress:

Diane Yu Gu, Sharon Traweek, Jarita Holbrook, Reynal Guillen, Luis Felipe R. Murillo.  “Situated knowledge and intersectionality: Gender, ethnicity, nationality, and networks in developing glocal knowledge infrastructure.”

Diane Yu Gu.  “Situated Knowledge in Physical Sciences and Engineering: The Significance of Mesh/Networks in Women’s Career Development” (paper presented at the Panel for “Revisiting Embodiment and Materiality in Ethnography of Sciences and Technologies.”